Jigsaw Ultimate HD

Solve classic jigsaw puzzles with super hight quality photos on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


✔ Support for iPhone 5 and IOS 6 NOW!

✔ Support for iPhone, iPod Touch, and specially designed for the new iPad Retina display.

✔ Beautiful super high-definition photos!

✔ Online daily updated photos from users all around the world

✔ Play puzzles up to 204 pieces for both iPhone and iPad.

✔ Turn your personal photos from camera into your own game.

✔ Move, rotate and pinch pieces in groups

✔ Turn on pieces rotation for a greater challenge

✔ Allow up to three people to play at a time

✔ Zoom in and out game board.

✔ Saves every game you’ve solve, even allow to save each game separately and let you resume later.

✔ Share completed puzzles with your friends using Game Center

✔ Submit your beautify photo and share with friends.


✔ Start new game and touch on level (easy, normal, ultimate) you want to play

✔ Touch resume to continue play last game or play new game

✔ Use slider on the right to Zoom IN game board and make it easier to use your two fingers to rotate pieces

✔ Check “Daily Photos” to download and play new game every day

✔ Touch “Jigsaw Score” and “Game Center” to view yours and your friends highest score

✔ Upgrade to Pro version to remove Ads and play Ultimate level with 204 pieces

Good luck and having fun,

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