Jigsaw Puzzle 500+

Cut up a photo image into several different jigsaw puzzles ranging from 30 to over 500 pieces. Number of pieces depends on the resolution of your device and the photo itself.

Free version has built-in image that is completely playable. Pieces are cut randomly each time you play. It also allows you to see how any image you select from you Photo Library would look as a jigsaw puzzle in several different resolutions (number of pieces).

Premium version (for a nominal charge via In-App purchase from the AppStore) allows you to turn your own photos into fully functional jigsaw puzzles.

Posts best times and achievements to the Apple Game Center (iOS 5+). Optionally shares your completed puzzles with Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, email, or instant messaging (iOS 6+).

Universal App – supports iPhone, iPod Touch 5, and iPad, including standard, Retina, and iPhone 5 displays.

YouTube video: http://youtu.be/6IyNlciRcRs

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