Jigsaw Mansion 2

Welcome to Jigsaw Mansion 2 GOLD! The best jigsaw puzzle game on the market is now totally unlocked for unlimited play!

Explore the halls of your stately mansion, whose paintings come to life! Utilizing intuitive multi-touch controls and 360-degree piece rotation, Jigsaw Mansion 2 brings the complete jigsaw experience to your fingertips!

You will be amazed by the stunning visual backdrops, challenging puzzle templates, and its powerful snap engine! Explore your artistic side with “Creator Mode,” where you can design and share puzzles with your friends to play through your social networks. From the easy and relaxing, to the tricky and rewarding, the freedom and flexibility of puzzle-play offered to gamers young and old is second to none. 

Beautiful and engaging, Jigsaw Mansion 2 GOLD is big entertainment in the palm of your hand. Picture-perfect for the whole family!


-Turn any photo or downloaded image into customizable puzzles! Select the shot, size, and stencil, then frame it, name it, and share it via Facebook, e-mail, or Twitter. Your custom Jigsaw Mansion 2 GOLD puzzles can even be shared with players using Jigsaw Mansion 2 GOLD HD for iPad!

-Original artwork puzzles, including all of the puzzles from the original “Jigsaw Mansion for iPad,” plus as many as you can create. Endless and challenging fun!

-Multi-touch controls and 360 degree piece rotation.

-The optional Puzzle Mat outlines and auto-snap engine assistance makes jigsaw puzzling easy and fun for beginners.

-Decorate the halls of this beautiful mansion to your own taste. Your puzzles become wall art and the furniture layout is all up to you!

-Advanced jigsaw cutting techniques including Trick Edge, Spiral, Rose, and Snow Flake, keeping the game fresh and challenging for advanced players.

-Auto saving will keep track of multiple puzzles you have in progress. Jump in and out of any puzzles you are piecing together at your leisure.

-Time tracking reward system for faster puzzle completion.

-Digital puzzles mean you don’t have to look under your couch for that last missing piece!
-Game Center features let you keep track of your achievements as you work through each challenge. E-mail your uncompleted puzzle to a friend and challenge them to complete it to reveal the image.

-Completely UNLOCKED play for new and updating users means truly UNLIMITED potential

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