The reviews are in!
– “5 Stars! Best app in the App Store!” – Jeff’s mom
– “Everyone should own this app!” – Jeff’s brother
– “Please help Jeff!” – Jeff’s wife
100% of Jeff’s family agree – JFreeCell is the best version of FreeCell in the app store!

My goal with JFreeCell was to make the best playing version of FreeCell on iOS devices – period. After the frustration of trying to find a good version of FreeCell, I decided to make one myself. My single goal was to make it a pleasure to play. Along the way I made it beautiful too.

No matter what device you’re using (iOS 5.1 or higher), you will find a buttery smooth response and a true treat for your eyes. Play quickly or slowly: JFreeCell doesn’t get in your way with slow animations or strange play mechanics. From the intelligent dropping mechanism to the code-based graphics (no blurry pixels here!), to the streamlined interface, you’ll find everything focused on making this the most enjoyable version of FreeCell you’ll own.

NEW: Christmas themed cards added in this update – no extra charge!!!
– Optional auto-play so you don’t have to drag every card
– Easy to see cards AND beautiful classic cards!
– Strict or relaxed rules
– Win/loss tracking
– Designed for new iOS screens including iPad with Retina Display and the new iPhone 5!

Why should you pay a pittance for JFreeCell when there are free FreeCell apps out there? If you’re asking this question you probably haven’t played any of them. Some aren’t bad but most of those are ad-supported. You will never find an ad or nag screen in any of my apps!

Is there something you’d like to see added? Send me an email!

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