Jewelry Designer

Jewelry Designer is here!Welcome to the Jewelry DIY arena where you can gather jewels from the gem mine all over the world and make jewelrys with them.

First,select a gem mine on the map,upgrade it to make it output more jewels and gather as many jewels as you can in 90 sec.

Next,Make necklace with template and jewels gathered from the mine.Develop your unique jewelry style,we look forward to your creation!

Finally,it’s time to mail the necklace to your friends or save it as the wallpaper or just sell it to make money!

♫Save jewelry as wallpaper
♫Support Retina Display
♫Dozens of colorful jewels
♫Make necklace and embed jewels on it
♫Sale jewelry to make gold in game , use gold to upgrade mine and buy new jewelry template.
♫Support GameCenter

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