Jewel War

Jewel War, a Classic Jewel Dash with a twist. You can move each gem horizontally, vertically, and DIAGONALLY. Actually, you can move each gem in any direction if you know how to ;)

– Hours of fun with Single Mode trying to beat your own score.
– Multiplayer modes in XimpleApp network or Apple Game Center.
– Boosters give special and unexpected effects. More boosters in future updates.
– Stunning design with amazing effects.
– And best of all, Jewel War is completely free.

TIPS: Boosters don’t follow the rule, you can move them to any adjacent gems and they will give you awesome effects. :)

Enjoy the game!

Note: Multiplayer modes require Wifi or 3G. Can play between difference devices such as ipad, ipad retina, iphone, iphone retina, ipad mini, and iphone 5.

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