Jewel Quest Deluxe

Jewel Quest Deluxe is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Jewel Quest Deluxe Review

Making your way through the slums of British India, you encounter a beautiful veiled woman who, with a mysterious and provocative look, challenges you to a jewel-matching game. Later, you meet a distinguished British general who challenges you to another jewel-matching game. Same goes for a Bedouin chief, a cab driver, and a religious guru, all of whom have nothing better to do than challenge you to jewel-matching games.

In Jewel Quest Deluxe you’ll meet a number of clichéd characters who exist solely to spout cheesy dialogue and challenge you to jewel-matching games. The dialogue and premise are silly, but the game itself is actually pretty good. Jewel Quest Deluxe is a great match-3 puzzler, and the unintended laughs just add to the fun.

Indiana Jones and the Relaxing Pastime of Doom

You play as a nameless Indiana Jones knock-off who travels the Indian subcontinent in search of the Jewel Board of Atul. What this jewel board does, or why you want it so badly, is never made clear. Pursuing it is just a way to get you talking to a wide cast of colonialist-era stereotypes.

The game is divided into three chapters, with 36 levels all together. Jewel Quest Deluxe sets itself apart from other match-3 games by giving you a variety of challenges, rather than simply making you earn a certain number of points before the buzzer goes off. In an improvement over Jewel Quest II, not every level requires you to turn the entire board gold by destroying rows of three or more gems.

Instead, a number of other levels require you to target particular types of gems, like 45 blue gems and 30 amber gems. Most of the levels have you racing to complete your task before time runs out, though some force you to compete against a boss character as well. Most of the bosses are just random characters who don’t put up much of a fight.

With a number of different level objectives, Jewel Quest Deluxe keeps the gameplay fresh. Some of the boards are unusually shaped, which provides more of a challenge, and the objectives get progressively harder, but never feel impossible. However, the graphics are unimpressive and the pseudo-snake charmer background music gets grating quickly.

Despite the cheesy characters and silly story, Jewel Quest Deluxe provides a variety of good challenges. Pick it up if you’re looking for a lighthearted take on a familiar game type.