Jewel Crash

Jewel Crash is a simple, fun mini puzzle game serviced only by KAKAO. While you are chatting with your friends, you can play the game with your friends! There is not much time to crash all shiny jewels!! You have to be hurry up! You will see that you are the NO.1 of the weekly ranking.
Enjoy Jewel Crash with your friends!

Key Features

1.Speed, speed, speed! You must crash jewels as quickly as you can!

2.Two Game Modes

[ SWING Mode ] Easy, simple jewel puzzle

[ BOMB Mode ] Blow same 3 jewels that are gathered!

3.Enjoy battle with your friends! We’re now enemies! Ranking Battle begins!!

4.Shiny jewels! Cute characters! Splendid design!

5.FEVER MODE: : Boom Boom! Faster, easier, crash the jewels in this mode!

6.Various functional items! Use proper icon to make your Best Records!!

7.Weekly Ranking is newly updated

8.You can play the game with Guest log-in although you don’t have Kakao account.

Let’s Play with BarunsonCreative!!


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