Jewel Brain Trainer

The Jewel Brain Trainer is possibly the ideal way to start improving your memory, each level is randomly generated and provides a progressive increase in Jewels to remember with each level you complete.

Overall the rules are simple

You have 10 seconds to remember
the jewels, or quicker if you can!
The jewel prompt at the bottom of the screen
will tell you which one to find next.
Everytime you make a mistake
you will lose a life.

Try and start a round early for a bonus!

Don’t forget your competing against the world, your score will be recorded in the game centre allowing you to keep an eye on your progress.

Adjustable Colours (Ideal for the colour blind).

If you have difficulty with colours do not worry by entering the settings screen you can modify the Jewels to suite your sight preference.

Compatible with IPhone, IPad, IPod on IOS 4.1 or above.

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