Jewel Beach

Stranded on an island, the sun and the moon are your only friends. But then you start to see beautiful sparkling jewels in the sky… Are you hallucinating, or is solving this puzzle the key to your salvation?

Eye candy
✭ Lickable graphics and tasty sound effects!
✭ Automatic hints help you out when you get stuck!

Score Tracking
✭ Jewel Beach keeps track of your best score so you can show off to your friends!
✭ Post your scores to Facebook to challenge far away friends!

What kind of fun do you want to have?
✭ Challenge mode strengthens your mental agility!
✭ Relax mode soothes your stress away…
✭ Automatically saves your progress if you take a call or push the home button!

(Graphics and Sounds courtesy of Mika Halttunen, used under MIT License,

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