Jetpack Gangnam Style edition

Help Psy, the creator of Gangnam style, reach his concert location so he can play his Gangnam style music like a true gentleman!

Your Gangnam style character starts off with a helicopter pack that he can use to fly. Touch the screen to fly up, let go to come back down and run, run, run!

Collect the special bonus that gives the Gangnam style guy either a jetpack, or wings.
The jetpack is more difficult to control but flies faster
The wings are easier to control but are slower.

Avoid the obstacles like parked cars, storm clouds, rockets, laser beams and force fields!
Becoming good at flying your jetpack will take much practice playing Gangnam style jetpack!

Help the gangnam style hero by collecting the $ signs, every 20 $ will give you one extra life.

Picking up the jetpack or wings bonus also means you will not die next time you hit an obstacle.

Gentleman, get your jetpack on, dance Gangnam style, and have fun!
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