***The famous flight game “JetMan” is landing on AppStore now!***

***It has been played for hundreds million times on facebook***

First you need touch the screen,if not,the hero will be falldown!

JetMan is an old and classic casual game. It is quite famous to each player and has a good reputation on facebook.Everybody likes it very much. Now the highest score is still held by James,which is 98327~do you want to beat him?

It is a flight game, your goal is to control the movement of the JetMan smoothly to fly as far as you can. Along the way, you need to use your wisdom, patience, and body coordination, cleverly to avoid obstacles. The way is very difficult, in addition to overcoming obstacles, you need to pay attention to the JetMan who will fall down if you don’t touch the screen, these will be a big block when you play a level.

We believe your ability, you will go for a long way, now it’s time for you a shot!

-Fresh design
-Good user experience
-Easy and Funny
-Fast Reaction
-Simple and Elegant
-Adding new obstacles often