Jessica's Cupcake Chaos!!

Help Jessica sell cupcakes in the park each weekend in this easy-to-play fun-filled time management game. Based on the popular Jessica’s Cupcake Cafe for Windows and Macintosh, in Jessica’s Cupcake Chaos you help Jessica serve customers in the park for 26 weeks: from Spring until Fall. If all those cupcakes make you hungry you can design your own cupcake, or unlock scrumptious cupcake recipes, and email the recipe to others!

✓ Enjoy 26 fun levels each with a season themed background
✓ Interact with 10 types of customers in 4 variations each with a different temperament
✓ Serve more than 12 types of items to customers including cupcakes, coffee, balloons and more
✓ Eat cupcakes during bonus rounds
✓ Unlock real cupcake recipes you can make at home
✓ Design your own cupcakes complete with the real recipe
✓ Email recipes to friends