jemory is a quick casual memory game with a relaxing reggae tune and individual electronic card sounds. The goal is to have as few attempts as possible to find all pairs, as this is calculated in the final score. The faster you find all pairs the more points you get.
You can share your highscores in Game Center and tell your friends on Facebook.*

• Very fast game start
• Original photo art from Jo Jacobs
• Individual card sounds
• Happy reggae game music
• iPhone 5 ready
• Game Center Support
• Local Top 5 List
• Facebook Button

Have fun!
Jesse & Jo from

Game Center and Facebook only with iPhone 4 and better.

jemory is created by Jo Jacobs (multimedia) and Jesse Hinrichsen (programming).
All photos taken with iPhone 4S and the great Hipstamatic App.

All rights reserved. © 2013 j-apps


New artist editions of Birgit Lang, Tita do Rêgo Silva, Ulf Harten, Doris Dörr as In-app-purchase.
jemory is a beautiful, relaxing and especially highly artistic game. We have put a lot of effort in the appearance every set of cards.
You play jemory as a classic memory game (Up to 4 players). The goal is to find as many pairs as possible. If you find a pair, you may have another turn. The winner is the player scoring the highest number of pairs at the end of the game..
At the end of the game you are able to view all pictures in the set, so you take your time to swipe through the collection.
If you are a solo player, the goal is to have as few attempts as possible to find all pairs, as this is calculated in the final score. You can then enter your name on the local score list.
The basic version includes a set of illustrations for a children by german artist Birgit Lang and a set of photo-cards by multimedia-artist Jo Jacobs. each set contains 20 different cards. Additional sets are available through in-app purchases. Created by illustrators, cartoonist, photographers and artists from all over the world.

We are excited to see jemory grow and hope there will be an edition for you.
Enjoy and have fun!
Jesse and Jo by j-apps

On you can see more screenshots and a gameplay video!

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Coming soon: jemory for iPhone / iPod Touch!