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JellyCar 2 is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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JellyCar 2 Review

There are some games that have great concepts and tons of content but falter when it comes to controls. This is unfortunately the case with JellyCar 2. While there is enough material here to keep gamers busy for hours, the imperfect controls take most of the fun out of this title.

JellyCar 2 is a game full of childish personality (in a good way). The hand-drawn sketch artwork and lighthearted soundtrack fit in perfectly with the overall theme. You can also customize your car’s shape and color to suit your personality. Don’t be fooled, though: this game is quite challenging and aimed at all ages. Multiple difficulty levels mean everybody can have a go at getting their car to the goal as quickly as possible.


With four unique gameplay modes, there is tons of content to keep just about anybody busy. Classic mode is a lot like the original, where you must move your car to the goal as fast as possible. However, moving platforms, vertical walls, and other obstacles stand in your way. That’s where the two power ups come into play: sticky wheels and balloons. These allow you to roll on any surface or float up gaps. Once you complete a level, you’re shown online leaderboards so you can see how you stack up against other players.

Two of the other modes are Long Jump and Factory. Long Jump consists of three different ramps and records how many feet you can send your car flying off the end. Factory has little to do with JellyCar but is still fun in itself. The goal is to rotate objects in the path to direct falling shapes to their respective area. However, there is only one level to play. Online leaderboards exist for these as well.

It’ll always be a soft landing for jellycar.

An impressive level editor allows you to create elaborate levels and then play them. As great as this is, you cannot share them with friends. Since that is the fun of creating your own content, we ended up disappointed with this mode.

As great as all of this is, JellyCar 2 is ultimately held back by shoddy controls. Moving your car is done by pressing the left or right side of the screen, but we often found the touch sensitivity shaky. Another aspect of the controls is tilting the phone, which affects the car’s rotation. Without an option to change the tilt sensitivity, though, this only got in the way. Finally, touching the car will cause it to inflate, throwing off the controls even more.

We hope the developer of JellyCar 2 comes back and addresses some of the control issues, as the game has tons of potential. Until then, we recommend trying out the free original (which uses the same control method) before picking up this game.