JD Spy

“A simple download. A desperate plea for help from the other side of the world. One simple click, and your life will never be the same. What would YOU do?”

JD Spy is a story-driven, espionage-spy-thriller where you play as YOURSELF, an anonymous iPhone user looking for a new app to entertain yourself for an hour or two. But instead of the game download you expected, you find yourself thrust into a world of treachery, betrayal, rogue CIA agents, and a terrorist organization bent on world domination. With no one to trust, and fearful for his life, you become the sole lifeline of a CIA Agent on the run. You become his eyes and ears as he travels from city to city trying to track down his missing partner and a terrorist organization that looks to step up onto the world stage in one dramatic finale. Using only your phone and your ingenuity, you’ll be needed to decode encrypted messages, hack into enemy computers, analyze satellite photographs, and sort out one critical clue after another in a bid to save the world from a disaster beyond reckoning.

Based on the award-winning, hit game from 2001, JD Spy is a puzzle-filled adventure that will give you hours of entertainment as you attempt to work your way through the convoluted maze of international espionage unfolding on the screen before you. Containing new puzzles, clues, and story elements, JD Spy has been updated for the iPhone in stunning detail, with 4 complete chapters, and all new challenges to solve.

For those looking for a little story with their entertainment, JD Spy is for you. The complex world of JD Spy is presented in dramatic fashion via in-game e-mail, text messages, and database searches. With a story-first approach, and with over 30 hours of puzzle-solving fun, you’ll find yourself so immersed in the story that you’ll forget you are playing a game.


Get lost in the world of JD Spy. Play as your favorite character. YOU.



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