The Jass game is on sale at the App Store since one year.

Jass (or Yass) for iPhone and iPod touch is a famous card game played mainly in Switzerland, Austria, and int other countries like eastern France, south of Germany. This application will let you play with 3 virtual players.

Its state-of-the-art user interface and its fine tuned artificial intelligence will give you hours of challenging games in a “Jass” environment.

Main features :

– Play with 3 virtual players
– Play online with other players on the internet
– Schieber, Schieber with chicane incl. Oben-abe, Unden-ufe
– Piquet or German cards design
– Adjustable game difficulty
– Adjustable game speed
– State-of-the-art user interface with intuitive usage
– Nice animations
– Great sound effects
– Application translated in English, French and German
– Manual card shuffle (put the iPhone/iPod on its side)
– Display last hand
– Players names and photos are customizable (double tap on a player to customize)
– Automatic game state saving and restore (Useful in case of interruption due to phone call)

Enjoy you Jass games !

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