Jara & Nestor is the first game we do to help in the production of our animated series.
As this is designed to entertain the youngest members of the house.
We hope you enjoy it, especially your children.

About Jara&Nestor series.


Jara and Nestor transport kids to a world of cut-outs and recycled stuff to tell them the story of these great friends and their discoveries on life, nature, science, positive values and endless entertaining subjects. An explosion of energy, fun and learning, with rhythm and melody as inseparable companions.


Jara and Nestor was conceived for educational purposes and, between the lines, the explosion of fun offers real educational models and recurring themes to help parents and teachers. Laughter and learning have never been more in unison.


It is never clear what the initial reason for starting something is. What is the spark that leads you to create a piece of work?

What was the first in the case of the ‘JARA & NESTOR’ series? Creating animation or helping and doing our bit for the good development of children?

The most likely scenario is that a mixture of both reasons was responsible for setting in motion this project which fascinates us because of the challenges and responsibility involved in talking to children.

The challenges: to entertain whilst informing on values and demonstrating tools that can be used to help children consolidate their personality and self-esteem when coming to grips with their everyday life.
We are mindful of every decision we make for the series. Transmitting the message that defines the series is a priority goal: children make decisions and experience the consequences of this choice in themselves and those around them. We do not advise them, but point out the rights and responsibilities they have in participating in the matters surrounding their life.
We never forget to talk to them about the respect that they must have for the friends that they coexist with.
‘JARA & NESTOR’ is a series about friendship and great values.

To bring the project to fruition we have surrounded ourselves with a very professional team who share the responsibility with the producer to make ‘JARA & NESTOR’ a different and special series in terms of image treatment, language use, script, production, music and, in short, every element that makes up this piece. We have animation directors with extensive experience in feature films and series, scriptwriters specialising in children’s products, teachers, educators, 3D designers and animators, videogame specialists, musicians with experience in making films and many other professionals to ensure the good outcome of the project.


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