Jammy Dragon

Make a fantasy village where extraordinary dragons hang out!!

We need to protect peaceful Dilmun village against Devils’ invasion.
Your mission is to sign a contract with dragons who have power to protect Dilmun and to build Facilities that they need.

Be the first one to operate a village by building various Facilities for dragons.

Tips for the game!
(1) Build Farms to expand to MAX. POPULATION, and to harvest.
(2) Housings help increase population and you can harvest HEARTs from them.
(3) Give HEARTs to dragons to increase their reputation Level and to Level – up.
(4) After dragon’s Level-up, he will use new Facilities and invite new dragon to the village.
You can acquire Resources that you need by requesting them to your friends.

Do you need firends? Please visit Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/jammydragon

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