Jack Pott – The Great Escape

Get your mad driving skills on, fasten your seatbelts and warm up your engines, because you’re about to hit the JACKPOT!

Meet Jack Pott, an ordinary person with a gambling issue, no money and a great idea, to run the streets on crazy machines, breaking away from the police and robbing stores in order to to fulfill his lifelong dream of hitting the jackpot.

To run from the police, dodge the civilians on the streets and make the police CRASH and EXPLODE. Also make use of Jack Pott’s powerful arsenal of tricks to make the escape even more thrilling:

• Throw BOMBS on police cars
• OIL the streets for police to slide and explode
• Use TURBO to avoid being caught
• Protect yourself with a SHIELD

Drive all the way from Pacatown to Shady City, collect money and coins and spend it all on the great Ace of Spades casino. Thieffany & Co., IKELYA, Yakousine and many other places are about to have a surprise that is not in the cards.

The most fun and thrilling police chase game on the App Store.

“What a great game! So much fun!” – Best iPhone Games
“Couldn’t stop playing until I saw ‘2AM’ on my clock. Oh my!” – Mob Arcade

• 5 cities with 21 levels
• 9 different cars to play with
• Bonus items: bombs, shields, oil and turbo
• Genuine slot machine for prizes

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