Jack & Jill Preschool Adventure

Join Jack & Jill as they explore a magical land of adventure and learning!

Jack & Jill’s Preschool Adventure is a collection of 6 exciting games designed for ages 2 to 5 years. The game teaches concepts such as colors, shapes, matching, numbers, letters and words.

Jack & Jill’s Preschool adventure has been developed in collaboration with a leading Montessori school especially for children ages 2 to 5 years.

– Simple and intuitive interface
– Vibrant colors and graphics with captivating voices and sounds to keep your preschooler engaged
– Continuous game play that provides new challenges as the game progresses
– Play as Jack or Jill
– Visit Jack’s wardrobe and choose a costume: pirate, super hero, firefighter, cowboy, police officer, apache indian
– Dress up with Jill in her wardrobe: princess, ballerina, super girl, fairy, cheerleader, pirate girl
– Win prizes: kids are rewarded with exciting gifts that are collected in their toy chest

Included games
1. Balloon picking: Learn colors by picking the correct color balloons and help Jack/Jill to float up in the sky
2. Birthday Cake: Learn numbers through lighting birthday candles then match the correct number
3. Alphabet Fruit Tree: Learn the Alphabet through the Alphabet fruit tree by helping Jack/Jill to find fruits that starts with the specified letter.
4. Night Sky Shapes: Learn shapes by matching shape patterns in the night sky.
5. Cloud Shape Matching: Learn three letter vowel words by matching pictures with cloud shapes
6. Match the Cards: Develop matching skills by pairing beginning letters to the correct object by flipping the cards.

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