iZombie: Death March

***NEW***UPDATE!!!***NEW LEVELS!!***

Can you survive bloody zombie attacks? Sink your teeth into this chilling zombie game!

NEW Episode 2 just released with 6 terrifying levels of zombie killing action! New and improved game mechanics include ammo, sniper, and grenade weapons to keep you shooting your way to the top of the leaderboards!

Survive zombies, and defend against chainsaw monsters, demonic dogs, flying skulls, and more surprises. Multiple difficulty levels and chilling missions to choose from. Unlock missions, weapons, and cheats. Battle through graveyards, abandoned fields, industrial bunkers and treacherous roadways. Use your skills to stay alive!

“It’s a damn good deal that you can really sink your teeth into.” – 4.5/5, iPhone Applications Reviews

“Superb, gory graphics and dynamic lighting really set the atmosphere.” – iPhone Otaku

“Turn the playing fields into bloody landscapes filled with body parts and blood spatter.” – Wireless Gaming World

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