“Touch Arcade
The graphics and sounds are top notch, and with headphones provide a eerily immersive experience.”

“Pocket Gamer
Battleship behemoth iYamato sails out onto the iPhone.”

iYamato is a shooting game that allows you to operate the Yamato, the largest and strongest battleship that was said to be unsinkable. This application reproduces a vicious attack against your enemies.

The unsinkable battleship Yamato won’t be damaged by some of the enemies attacks, so anyone (even those not good at shooting games) can enjoy the heat of battle.

This game is very simple. Tapping the fire button on the left and right fires antiaircraft artillery and lays down a barrage to intercept the enemy attack. Fire the main cannon by tapping the central button to destroy larger enemies or massive forces. The main cannon can destroy enemies in a moment, and will change the combat dramatically.

Enjoy the epic sensation of battling aboard the strongest and the most beautiful battleship.

Main features
– Everyone will be addicted to the game after a minute thanks to the tutorial.
– Entirely visual battles.
– 3 difficulty levels: easy, normal and hard.
– 3 scoring modes (internet connection needed): personal record, national record and world record.
– Awesome sounds effects

Next version

– You will be able to download new battleships and new weapons as downloadable contents.
– New enemies and items.

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