The mad scientist, Dr. Wrath, has a theory about a mysterious energy he has named the iWrath. In order for the Doctor to prove his theory, he has spent many years building a special machine to help him prove the existence of this illusive energy. As his very capable assistant you must man the machine and help Dr. Wrath harness the power of the iWrath. It won’t be easy, but with many hours of research and careful study you will learn to use the machine and harness it’s power, ultimately creating the iWrath.

Of course what fun would it all be without those poor innocent greebles as your test subjects. The mad Doctor has created the greeble to test the effects of the machine on biological lifeforms. Was that really necessary Dr. Wrath??? In our honest opinion here at Beteo Games we would have to say no! That poor Greeble, we are thinking about starting a save the Greeble campaign. Email us if you want to show your support.

How do I play this crazy game?


iWrath is simpler than it looks.

1. First find the eight ball lever on the left hand side of the iWrath machine. You must always pull down on this lever to start the machine before creating combination’s.

2. You will notice on the machine that there are 2 big buttons, 2 big levers, 2 big turn wheels. Simply start by pushing buttons, pulling levers, turning wheels – one at a time.

3. In the lower right you will notice something called the combo tracker. Pay careful attention to this. It will tell you when you are creating a combination by showing a small series of icons as you make the correct combination.

4. Also notice on the combo tracker you can reset your moves by swiping right to left. So when you mess up, simply reset the combo tracker.

Remember to take your time as you carefully craft your next move. When you get the right combination, that machine will light up like the night sky over D.C. on the 4th of July!

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