iWordz – Mystery Words

Only $0.99 for a limited time!! This is a word game you’ll come back to time and time again!

iWordz is an addictive word game similiar to Hangman but with a twist. In iWordz, you have to guess words from their definitions one letter at a time.

You begin with 20 “life points” and you have to guess as many words as you can before your life points run out. You lose 1 life point each time you guess a letter wrong and you get life points back when you get a word right.
– You get 3 life points if you guess a word right without getting any letters wrong. This is called a “PERFECT”.
– You get 2 life points if you guess a word right by getting only 1-2 letters wrong.
– Otherwise you get 1 life point back

iWordz is great for a quick brain tease when you have a few minutes. It’s also fun to play with friends and family!

Another bonus is that it’s great for expanding and refreshing your vocabulary – learn new words each time you play!

* More than 12,000 unique words – endless fun!
* Automatic game saving. Continue right where you left off.
* Challenge yourself and your friends! Submit highscores to the online leaderboards.
* Unlock OpenFeint achievements.
* It’s educational! Learn new words, refresh your vocabulary.

Have fun and sharpen your mind at the same time with iWordz!

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