Mactrast: ★★★★☆ iWordJuggle is brilliant. It’s unique, fun and addictive.
HotMacApps & Appdictions: ★★★★☆ Overall we love this game and highly recommend it.
Freshapps: iWordJuggle is a truly original word game in a category crowded with games that are poorly-disguised ripoffs of one another.

When I created the game I looked at a lot of word games on the App Store and there were a few things I didn’t like. So I said to myself I can do something better. I will name three “features” which this game doesn’t have, but that’s what makes it stand out of the crowd:

** Timers. Which in my opinion put pressure on the gamer. I tried, by not including a timer, to create a more “Hey, I got 5 minutes to kill” feeling to it. Casual & Relaxed.
** Showing how many words are left to be found. As I see it, this takes away the thrill of the game, I feel this turns the game into a “Find me THIS many words”. By not showing how many words are left, a ”Can I stop now, or could I find more and improve my high score?” feeling is always present. Casual & Competitive.
** Giving the user random letters or a word to scramble. It’s either completely random, or almost predefined. Well, I took a different approach and give you a set of 15 random words, from which you will choose 3 to play with. You can random the words again and again, but the 3 words must be chosen from the same set. Randomness & Control.

Another element that further increases the diversity, but at the same time complements the above feature is that you can choose how many letters shall the 15 random words have:
** Do you want a long, relaxing game? You shall choose only 6 letter words.
** Do you rather want a really competitive game? You can choose only 4 letter words.
** Or maybe you want a diversified game? Then choose the words to randomly have from 4 to 6 letters. Everyone gets a piece of pie here!

The full features list:
** 5 color themes (black, gray, baby blue, jade and creamy beige).
** 2 tiles colors (wood and metallic gray). The wood is default, the gray one is an IAP.
** Landscape and left-handed support.
** Game Center integration with Leaderboards and Achievements.
** A “Compete mode” where you get to freely choose your words, in case you have a friend/kid you would like to play against (Highscore submission to Game Center is disabled during this mode, for obvious reasons).
** Puts emphasis on finding long words by increasing bonus points the longer the word, adding another layer of competitiveness to this casual friendly game.
** Split leaderboards for each difficulty category.
** Top 10 local Hall of Fame, also split for each difficulty category.
** A great minimalistic and friendly interface.
** It’s suited for game addicts as much as it is for casual gamers, as well as for teaching your kids.

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