Tilt your way through the treacherous world of iWire – push your reflexes to the max to survive!

Existing somewhere between dimensions, the wire twists off into the distance – dare you ride it to the end?

Pure, adrenaline-fuelled gameplay – it will take you to the edge, and beyond!

How it works:

⁕ Your score (in the top left)increases depending on your speed x the value of the multiplier (in the top right)

⁕ Every 15 seconds your multiplier will increase by 1 – upto a maximum of 11.

⁕ If you get close to the wire, you’ll see a red glow and the multiplier will decrease by 1.

⁕ Getting close to the wire and scraping it will slow you down.

So for very high scores, keep away from the wire!


⁕ Elegant control system, utilising the tilt function of the IPhone and iTouch.

⁕ Progress through three gateways.

⁕ Atmospheric music & sound effects to immerse you in iWire’s world.

⁕ Stunning state of the art graphics.

⁕ Compete with players worldwide with the online high score system.
View and compare scores seamlessly with the in-game score browser.

Visit www.origin8.com/iwire for more information.

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