Remember using your hand as an imaginary gun? iWeapons is better. Now you have an arsenal at your finger tips with sound and animation to ‘enhance’ the old fashion finger method.


– Great for Classroom/Office Wars
– Fun war simulations
– Challenge to a Dual
– Saw your friend in half
– Shoot them with a Lazer
– Stress reliever

We highly recommend that you practice in front of a mirror first. But don’t let the laser beam get in your eyes!

Keep the app on your home screen so you can quickly whip it out in case of a surprise attack.

It’s all quiet in your classroom/office, suddenly from around the corner comes sounds of machine gun fire! Do you duck? Become another casualty? NO, you fight back! You whip to your home screen and select the iWeapon of your choice and you DON’T BACK DOWN!

(Warning: Your iPhone should never be used as a weapon, except maybe in self defense, so don’t throw your phone when you get all excited, it’s just a game)

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