Wasps are amazing insects that deserve some attention. The application has the following features:

1. Great sound effects and interactions
2. There are many key facts on wasps that randomly appear every time the user goes to the information box
3. Sound of Australian Birds singing in the background
4. You can provoke the wasps by tapping the hive or the screen
5. You can provoke the wasps by shaking the device
6. If you keep tapping the screen, larger wasps will appear to investigate
7. If you keep tapping the screen even more then a queen wasp will appear to get you
8. Realistic sound of wasps buzzing
9. You must feed the wasps meat to grow your colony. If you do not feed them they will die.
10. You can feed the wasps a variety of food to change their colors and increase colony size
11. Whatever you do, do not squash them ;-) Especially the colored ones
12. The app works on all iOS 4+

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