iWarehouse is one of the best puzzle based games on the app store which will surely test your problem solving abilities. The player will have to face dynamic levels of mindboggling puzzles where each and every move they make matters!

-Choose any country and start your journey to solve the puzzles!
-Undo button, just in case you make a mistake!
-Refresh any stage to start from the beginning!
-Easy Share option to share your successes with friends!
-Dynamic obstacles such as bombs and ice boxes and many more!

How To Play:
•Check the target destinations & plan your moves.
•Use the D-Pad Controller to move & push the box Up/Down/Left/Right.

•Plan your moves beforehand.
•Undo box movements when necessary.
•Use Gate Pass if you are stuck.

Like us: www.facebook.com/iwarehouseofficial
Contact us: contact@riseuplabs.com

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