iWar Battle Through The Ages

Battle the enemy tribe through time in the hotly awaited iWar! Starting from the Stone Age and progressing through the ages up to the Space Age.

You will have to defend your base while trying to take down your enemy, to do this you will have an array of units at your disposal along with a number of defensive turrets and special weapons. As you evolve from age to age you will unlock new units, turrets and special weapons!

Keep an eye on both your Gold and Exp points. Gold can be used to buy defences or train new units and Exp will allow you to evolve to the next age. Gold can only be earned by killing enemy soldiers, so make sure you are never left with zero units and gold as that will result in certain defeat…

Once you think you’re becoming a war chief try the hard level to see what your skills are really made of.

Future updates will include:

– More units, defensive turrets and special weapons

– New ages to evolve to

– Two player mode using Wi-Fi

– More terrains to battle one

– Being able to go to war with two or more tribes at a time.

– All updates will be free.

Keep up to date with all the latest iWar news, updates and strategies by visiting the official website at www.SigmaApps.com

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