iVirus Shooter

Fight against the cold and kill all viruses as fast as possible. Play with all the cool guys from around the world.
Tilt your device and aim with the crosshairs to kill all flying viruses. You get the new addicting game including challenging levels.

Try to beat the high score. Play against friends from all over the world via Game Center. Complete all missions and get high leaderboard rank.

+++ The ultimate addicting game during a break +++ Addicting & Funny +++

Be fast and get points for all viruses you has killed. Be careful the viruses getting faster and faster.

The faster you are to kill the virus the better your score. Tilt your device as precisely as possible. Get better and better and try to beat the high score.

Hit the yellow virus and you’ll get an extra bonus of 10,000 points.

Follow us on Twitter and post your experience and high score.

Enjoy the game and have fun!

Cold Killer is exclusive to the iPhone 4, 4S and 5 & iPod touch 4th and 5th generation.

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