Launch Special !!! Get 20 respect points on iMob Online for trying iVampires!

Launch Special !!! Get 10 Pepper sprays in iMob Online for getting to level 10 in iVampires!

Follow ivampires on twitter! http://twitter.com/ivampiresdev

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Sink your teeth into the greatest Vampire MMO for the iphone/ipod touch! Destroy humanity and build your vampire army!

User reviews

“Amazing way better than Undead LIVE! ” #1northpaw


* FREE Massive Online multi player RPG for the iPhone AND the iPod Touch!
* FREE updates with new missions, weapons, and gifts from The Ancients!
* Invite your friends to join your Clan via GPS, WiFi, and friend codes
* Months of Game play
* Destroy online rivals
* Real time news feed
* World wide high score boards
* Comment on profiles and send bulletins to your Clan
* Mark your enemies for death with a cash bounty
* Bite rivals and drain their life force

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