iUridium is a iPhone game, resurrection of the classic Uridium game; side-scrolling shoot ‘em up from the Commodore 64, absolute hit and one of the best Commodore 64 games in 1980’s.

iUridum is a horizontal shoot’em up classic. When originally released in 1986 for the Commodore 64 only the arcade machines had comparable graphics and sounds. Smooth and superfast scrolling to the left and right, great animations of the players Manta Fighter, and cool shadow and explosion effects were the technical feats of Uridium. But not only the techs were awesome, the gameplay was different from all the other shooters too. 15 Super Dreadnaughts , big space ships that travel through space, steal resources and metals from planets to supply their greedy evil minions. You, as the lone hero, are the only hope for your home planet. And as such, you’re directly teleported to the first Super Dreadnaught. Shoot the defenses of the ships and land on the surface to set a self-destruction bomb. That’s it! 100% action.

Designed by Andrew Braybrook
Music written by Steve Turner

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/iuridium/id439322739?ls=1&mt=8
More information: http://www.iuridium.com
Video: http://youtu.be/-OsNDobfjak

* USE any of UNLOCKED levels as start game point. For each 3 levels finalized, you will get them automatically UNLOCKED. Additionally, you are able to UNLOCK any level using In-App Purchase option and have it available for direct access on game start
* AVOID meteor screens and communications aerials which tower above the Dreadnought’s surface
* SHOOT lasers to destroy both ground targets on the dreadnought, and enemy fighters
* NEUTRALISE the surface defences
* MANOEUVRE through restricted spaces by performing a 90 degree roll (press and hold fire whilst moving the joystick up or down)
* MOVE TO NEXT LEVEL when the LAND NOW message appears, by moving to the right hand end of the Super-Dreadnought and fly flat over the end of the master runway from left to right
* PLAY BONUS GAME after landing for extra points

* A BONUS is awarded after landing if all ships in a wave are destroyed.
* BEWARE of the homing mines which materialize over flashing generator ports!

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