iUFOcomets App details:

Have fun with iUFOcomets
a classic pinball-bricks type game
designed for 1 player.

Pinball game with one paddle, targets explode
when they are hit.

Another fun game from George Fedak.

Bounce the shooting Alien Star off the Big
UFO and see which of the Killer Stars
you can eliminate.

10 points per Star.

Automatic scoring per game.

Don’t let the shooting Alien Star get past the
Big UFO.

Touch the Big UFO and slide it to intercept the shooting Alien Star.

Double tap the Big UFO to fire the Missiles if they are available.

There are 4 levels to survive, each level gets harder in time and with play style.

The game has 10 sounds associated with the
play routines.

Killer Stars explode when they are hit.

You can earn extra Alien Stars and Missiles by hitting the special icons.

Will you win?

Test your skill.

Entertainment for children or adults,
and for game lovers everywhere!

No computer player.
It is no fun when the computer always wins!

Only $0.99, a real bargain for this unique entertainment!

Instructions are included on the info screen.
( see screenshot below)

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