It’s web building fun!

A meteor has crashed, unleashing delicious fireflies. Help our spider hero, Itzy, as he moves from his forest home to neighbouring farmlands and cities spinning webs to catch his food.

Cover the 3D world in webs and take it to the bad guys with your Kung-Fu punch. Get greedy! Eat as many space fireflies as you can!

Climb to the heights of Itzy’s forest dodging angry birds and wasps. Explore deep, foreboding caves. Take a trip to the farm and conquer the city in each, addictive level.

Itzy3D includes:
– 4 free to play levels with the option to continue Itzy’s story in each of 6 unique, downloadable levels.
– Follow Itzy’s story through 40+ beautifully illustrated cutscenes.
– 24 individual achievements to unlock
– Camouflage Itzy from his enemies, Power Up and go on the offense or simply snipe enemies before they can strike!
– Level up Itzy as you play
– 3 Gameplay Modes: Casual, Action and Frenzy!
– Includes how to play game tutorial and gameplay demo
– Easy to learn controls. If you can tap, you can play.
– Customizable options control Itzy’s fashionable colors
– Hidden bonus on each level
– Connect to Facebook to share Itzy’s achievements with friends and unlock an extra level!
– Outstanding art style
– Original soundtrack and voice

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