ITURRET is a full 3D, realistic turret defence game where you will control eight different turrets.

Count your ammo to survive, kill all the zombies before they reach you!
After the big infection, you are the leader of a defence turret to stop the zombie hordes.

-Choose between eight different turrets and choose two other turrets to help you stop the zombies.
-Earn points to purchase better turrets to survive for the next wave.
-Success to the next level and earn more points.
-Success to the next stage and try to defend more than one street at once
-With headset, enjoy 3d sounds and learn from which direction the zombies are coming.
-Combine different weapons and choose the aid turrets smart to success the level.
-Earn the well balance of weapons and study their cons and pros.
-Learn the weakness of your aid turrets and weakness of different type of zombies.

Beware! This is not an easy game, you will be zombie chow if you do not plan your strategy well!

Warning: This is the lite version of the game some of the turrets are not available as the full version.

Good luck sergeant!

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