iTressette X4

“Italiamac Editor Choice” 2009 Award

Tressette for four players is one of the most loved, played and debated italian card games. This version contains a number of options aimed to cover, partially at least, the numerous variations actually played in the various regions of Italy.

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– Play against your iPhone or iPod Touch
– Play with friends over a local wireless network. If any of the four human players is not actually available in the network, he is automatically simulated by the Artificial Intelligence (AI).
– Try the new Training Mode to learn, directy by playing true matches, the main tactics of the Tressette for 4 players.
– Select target score, single game or tournament, signals, special combinations of cards (accuse) and slam.
– Stop and resume your game in single player mode.
– Statistics.
– 11 traditional regional card decks authorized by Modiano s.r.l. (Piacentine, Piemontesi, Bergamasche, Trentine, Trevigiane, Genovesi, Toscane, Romagnole, Sarde, Napoletane, Siciliane)
– enable/disable sounds

– Single Player
You can play alone, against your iPhone or iPhod Touch. The other players are simulated by AI.

– Multiplayer
You can play with your friends over a local wireless network. If any of the four human players is not actually available in the network, he is automatically simulated by the Artificial Intelligence (AI).
You can choose between creating a game table or looking for tables available in the network.
The game options for each table are established by the table’s originator and can be seen in the scrolling menu during the seach for available tables.
The statistics of the victories with the various partners are recorded in the playing mode.

-Training Mode
In this version of the application, you can play true games having the possibility to follow the deductions of your partner and of the opponents.
You play in stand alone mode, the other players being simulated via software.
The cards of the simulated players are visible to you only. The other players act as in a normal game of iTressette X4, without “looking at what is in the other players’ hand”. At the end of each trick, the game stops and you have the possibility, if you want, to see the rationales behind the choices of the simulated players (rationals and justifications are in italian only). When it is your turn to play, you can ask for a “motivated” suggestion about the card to play. The suggestion is in italian but the suggested card and the relevant declaration, if any, are highlighted for an easy identification.


– Target Score: The target score can be chosen among 11, 21, 31, 41 and 51 points.

– Tournament: It allows to play a match as single game or “2 out of 3″ or “3 out of 5″.

– Remarks or Signals: The possibility exists to allow for certain signals be declared by the player starting a trick. These are limited to “Knocking”, “Sliding” (or “Smoothing”) and “Flying” (or “Falling”).

– Special Combinations (Accuse or Buongioco): This option allows for the possibility to score additional points when some special combinations of cards are in the hands of one player. These are
– Four 3’s, four 2’s or four Aces
– Three 3’s, three 2’s or three aces
– Napoletana (3, 2 and ace of a suit)

– Slam (Cappotto): With this option activated, one side can win the game, outright, irrespective of the score, if it wins all the 11 points of one hand.

iTressette X4 comes with a detailed help file recalling the general rules of the Tressette game for four players and describing the characteristics of the application in terms of playing modes and game options.

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