iTower – Arcade Game

iTower is a challenging speed and accuracy game.

Does your brain control your sight and sense of touch fast enough? If yes, you must try and build the highest light cubes’ tower. Otherwise do not bother to try it…

The only applicable rule is that a light cube can be placed only on top of another light cube.

At the beginning, a set of four lights cubes will move from right to left and vice versa.

By tapping the screen you will stop the lights’ movement.
You need to stop the light cubes exactly on top of the previous set (pending the above mentioned rule) otherwise the number of light cubes for the next floor will be reduced accordingly.

Remember, the purpose of the game is to build the highest light cubes’ tower. If beginners level is a piece of cake for you, lets meet three levels above it at the hard one, let’s see you then…

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