iTotally Recall: Fantasy Version Vol. 1

To play the game, just turn any two cards over by touching them. If they match, they will disappear. If they do not, they will flip back over and you will have to try again until all the cards are gone. Once all the cards are gone, you can quit or try again for a better time. There are 10 pairs to match (20 cards total).

Please note that this activity is significantly more challenging than most concentration games because you are working with items that has one thing in common–they are ALL faces. Most concentration games have completely different items and are therefore much easier to track as well as remember.

If you want to see the full image of these fantasy figures, we’ve included an image gallery with navigation controls.

Note that this is just Volume 1 of 10 or more Fantasy volumes!

Enjoy and have fun with this more advanced game!!!

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