iToddler Tamer

Toddler Touch & See.!…. Simple for a reason!

Young children need simple games that incorporate touch with an immediate response.They are also drawn to repetition of objects that are familiar to them. Each category in this App offers a fun theme with relevant images.Touching the screen creates new images and sounds.The pages turn automatically and repeat at the end to keep kids engaged in the activity.
Thanks for supporting an independent mommy developer!

Bugs and Animals
Balls and Trucks
Mermaids and Princesses
Baby bottles and Pacifiers
Summer Fun
Ocean Fish
Winter Fun
The Army guy and tank section has been removed.

This app was created by an ECE teacher. It is simple, calm fun for your toddler or pre schooler. It has no levels or rules-just easy fun!

Great for the car seat, restaurant, stroller, doctors waiting room aiplane……or…anytime you need to distract your toddler or pre-schooler from tears!

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