iTime GeoQuiz (Lite)

iTime’s GeoQuiz makes world geography both fun and rewarding and now includes support for both Game Center and OpenFeint, so you can see who’s playing, initiate challenges, chat with friends, check the leaderboards and view your achievements.

Players get to learn where countries are located, the names of their capitals as well as their flags and state emblems. Every game consists of 10 questions and correct answers are shown after every question to maximize learning.


The iTime GeoQuiz also includes a great Alphabetical Register and Atlas by continent with details on over 200 countries.

Games are divided into 4 levels from Beginner to Expert where the lower levels focus on the most prominent countries.

The scoring system not only shows game summaries but also includes a handy awards system that makes it easy for parents to incentivize kids to play the game and learn in the process.


Learn more about GeoQuiz’s fascinating origin as an elementary school board game project and our mission for education at the KidsAndDreams website.

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