iTheft Auto M80

Now, you are a car thief. Steal your way to becoming the best in the world.
The ‘i theft auto’ is a detailed driving simulation game.
Control is easy but you need delicate driving skill.
Sometimes concentration and judgment are needed.

-Check the target and the surroundings.
-Start a car.
-Drive the target car to the ‘EXIT’ zone.
Those are what you should do to steal a car.
The one thing you must pay special attention to is
‘to avoid hitting obstacles or other cars’, because the cops are quick to respond.
Crash means failure in this game.

-80 missions.
-Three different game modes [ Theft mode, Challenge mode, Ranking mode ]
-Three control styles [ Wheel, Stick, Tilt ]
-Ranking network (make the best record and you are the best car thief in the world)

Welcome to the thrilling and addictive world of the ‘i theft auto’
Download ‘i theft auto’ and challenge the best car thief in the world.

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