iTerrorists Free

You have tried realistic before and now it’s time to try pretty damn real! Welcome to next-level gaming, the first-shooter arcade game that combines the elements of heart-pounding action, fantastic 3D-rendered backgrounds and video-based characters being so real, that they will make you question your own reality!

You are a special national security agent who fights against terrorists and criminals. You must accomplish all the dangerous missions assigned by headquarters and clear multiple locations of the world from the enemies. The unique and exciting around-the-world locations make you forget about your every-day life and put you truly into the game. Each level has its own unique location, with difficulty increasing as the game progresses, while the various terrorists and hostages yet again remind you that it’s all too real and you should not even blink.


–Tilt your device to move left and right, as you attempt to eliminate all of the criminals and save all the hostages.

–Tap the screen to fire at the bad guy and tap on the shooting hand to reload your weapon.

Game features:

– Exciting video-based characters
– Various enemies use different weapons to kill you
– Excellent graphic design and animation
– Great music and background effects, and shooting sounds
– Local and Online Top scores board

Free version presents the 1st location only, with an option to unlock the rest within the game.

Please note: accelerometer is disabled for older iPods and 2G, 3G iPhones

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