Italian checkers

Italian checkers is a checkers app that follows italian rules.

Main differences with US checkers:
– Men cannot capture kings
– A sequence must capture the maximum possible number of pieces, if equal then the maximum possible number of kings from all such sequences, if equal then the sequence in which the first king is the nearest, if equal one can choose its preferred one.
– The board is mirrored
– Whites start

Key features (Free version):
– Games against computer (4 levels, color option)
– Online games with Game Center
– 2 players game
– Draw recognition and automatic draw propositions for single player games
– “Lose to win” option against the computer: Lose all your checkers before the computer!
– iPod compliant: Listen to your own music while playing (except for Game center games)
– Leaderboards to compare your score
– Achievement boards to get your level
– Facebook link
– Nice look and feel

Key features (Premium version):
– no ads
– AI level 4 & 5, very fast and smart
– Automatic record of all the games, and easy replay of any of them
– Possibility to unlock the pawns and move them anywhere off/on the board
– Time limit games (like for chess)
– Show board numbers option (on iPad)
– Delete button to come back to a previous board combination (2 players and single players game)
– More points gained per game center game
– More smileys to use with Game center (on iPad)
– Red checkers option

A must have if you like strategic board games.

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