iTailGate – BBQ Party

Now there is a new and easy way to tailgate with your favorite sporting events!

The new app iTailgate lets you grill, cook, flip, blow, and eat all kinds of real delicious food on your iDevice! Just fire up the app, pick the mode which fits your mood, and go nuts with the grill! Try challenge and endless mode to see how well you grill under pressure and score massive points to compete with your friends on gamecenter.

If that isn’t enough, go into chef mode to pick and choose your own ingredients and plate your own ★★★ meal. Choose between normal or zombie teeth to nomnom your delicious creations!

★ BBQ simulation!★
★ Physical controls! Flip your iDevice upwards like a real chef to experience real cooking.★
★ Strategically blow into the microphone to fan your fire! Halve your cooking time by strengthening the flames!★
★ Pictures of real, delicious food will have your mouth watering!★

★ Warning: This game may cause you to try and eat your phone.★

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