It's Just a Thought

***********Winner of HoPlay’11 – Best Original Idea Award***********

A refreshing interactive experience that allows you to explore moods, re-live your memories and capture your thoughts…

Rated #5 on Top Paid Apps in Games/Music section of the German App Store
Featured New and Noteworthy in the German App Store

Here is what our reviews say:

“…It all flows together really well, and the music its set to is a real treat… The game is a really awesome stroll down memory lane as you’re tapping to collect memories you’ve long since forgotten…” – touchArcade

“…The use of Facebook integration is interesting…” – IndieGames

“3.5/5 stars” – indiegamereviewer

Keep your thought alive. Focus… concentrate… “It’s Just a Thought” is a game that will help you take your thought across the depths of your endless mind. Travel along the neural network, always staying on the path. If you happen to fumble you must recover quickly or the thought is lost in the vastness of the mind. It will be seen again if you ever happen to tread deep enough along those pathways. All along the neurons you will find other disturbing thoughts that will change your mood. Scattered around will be your memories, they will aid you to move forward. These are the memories that you have formed and stored online on your Facebook photos. For best experience we recommend integrating your Facebook account to enable download of photos as well as using headphones while playing.

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