iSuper Heli

PLEASE NOTE: you need to own an iSuper Helicopter in order to use this application.

The iSuper Heli app turns your iPhone,iPod touch, or iPad into a great remote controller for an iSuper helicopter, which will let you experience the thrill of flying a helicopter via your iPhone,iPod touch and iPad!

Control features:
The control is incredibly intuitive and easy:
2 ways to control the flying (forward, backward, right, left): Either by sliding the joystick with your finger on the right side of the screen, or by tilting the Apple devices (iPhone, iPod touch or iPad). Sliding the airplane mark on the left side of the screen up and down controls the flying height, it will let the helicopter ascend or descend, take off or land.

The control is very precise; it dares to beat any ordinary physical remote controller.

Record & playback feature: toggle the record button on the top during the flight will memorize the flight route, then push the play button to play it back, letting the helicopter fly by itself.

Music play function: listen to your favorite songs from your Apple device as you fly the helicopter.

Quick setup tips:
1. go to Settings -> General -> Bluetooth
Turn on Bluetooth, search “iSuper Helicopter” and pair with it.
2. Start iSuperHeli application
3. Slide left joystick to move heli up/down;
Slide right joystick to move heli left/right/forward/backward.
For detailed info, please refer to user manual.

For tutorial, please visit
Enjoy your flight!

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