iSubmarine HD

Strategically pilot one of 13 available submarines through mine-laden waters in this challenging endless side scrolling game. The more games you play, the more creative your submarine choices become. Play in the Easy mode and unlock faster speeds when you feel you’re ready for additional challenges of maneuvering through the enemy waters. Move your submarine two ways: tapping your finger or with the built-in accelerometer. Either way, your submarine will have 3 chances to earn you as many points as possible. For those who can successfully avoid the mines, various power-up icons will help by protecting your submarine, shrinking or even power boosting you through the water. Finally, use your torpedo to explode the mines before they destroy you. Submit your score to the Game Center Leaderboards to see who the best pilot is! You can even earn real-world rewards just for the achievements you make in iSubmarine via the new Kiip Rewards System! You could earn any number of real-world items from great brands, like BestBuy and Sony just for playing iSubmarine! Then, brag about your achievements on Twitter, with built-in Twitter integration so your followers can see just how awesome you are at iSubmarine. Want an extra advantage over the enemy to help get your score even higher? We thought so, that’s why we created the Sub Shop. In the Sub Shop, you can purchase optional items to change your sub’s look, improve your score, or get your hands on some new weapons to blow those mines right out of the water! New weapons include a 5-Pack of Guided Torpedos that automatically find the nearest mine when fired and destroy it, as well as the Double Fire Torpedos 5-Pack, which launches two torpedos simultaneously above and below the sub to destroy even more mines! So, think you’ve got what it takes to become the next great submarine pilot? Download iSubmarine, and find out!


• Pilot one of 13 available submarines through an endless number of underwater mines
• Kiip Rewards System to reward you with real-world items just for completing achievements in iSubmarine
• 10 additional fun and creative subs to unlock (or purchase up to 6)
• Ability to fire torpedos to destroy oncoming mines
• Built-in Twitter integration so you can post your score and achievements on Twitter
• 3 different speed levels, two of which you must unlock
• Shield Power Up – Puts a force field around your submarine for 7 seconds
• Shrink Power Up – Shrinks your submarine to half its size for 7 seconds
• Score Accelerator Power Up – Increases your score 5x for 7 seconds
• Sub Shop, where you can purchase optional items to get your sub a new look, improve your score, or help you blast those mines right out of the water with some great new weapons
• Endless hours of side scrolling game play
• Game Center Leaderboards
• Two different ways to move your submarine – via touch or accelerometer controls
• High quality graphics and sounds
• Nearly no loading times throughout the game
• High score system that automatically keeps track of your top 5 best scores
• Takes seconds to learn, but countless hours to master

NOTE: The new Kiip Rewards System in iSubmarine is an achievement-based rewards system used to reward users with actual, real-world items for completing virtual achievements in iSubmarine, and is not a contest or sweepstakes. Furthermore, Apple is not a sponsor of any and all Kiip promotion(s).

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