***** iStoryTeller2 is released with new stories and many new games ****
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iStoryteller is a combination of a game and a children’s story reader. You can either download free stories or buy paid ones, and then play them. The stories are told using audio and illustrations and include various interactive games to indulge the young kids.
These games are not only fun but also teach many things to the kids.
characters and things on the illustrations come to life when you touch them.
Some of the games which are based on stories include
1) Spelling Game
2) Peek-A-Boo
3) Missing letters
4) Matching Game

It has two modes, in story mode you can move between the pages without playing the games. In game mode in some pages you will need to collect some stars by playing games.

Both free and paid new stories will be added to the story library regularly.
Free stories are supported by non-intrusive Ads, while paid stories don’t have any Ads.

To navigate between pages you can either use swipe gesture, or use next/previous buttons.

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